Corporal Budd & Major General Shirreff

14th December 2006:
It was announced that Corporal Bryan Budd of 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment was to be awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for gallantry in Afghanistan.

28th December 2006:

Major General Richard Shirreff, the commander of British troops in southern Iraq, in an interview with the BBC, states that UK armed forces personnel deserve wholehearted support from the nation.

“The nation needs to support these men. The nation needs to support its Army. The nation needs to understand that the quality work done by these courageous men and women out here only happens, and can only continue, if these people, our soldiers, are properly supported back home in terms of the support for training, infrastructure, barracks, accommodation.”

To me these events are linked. I am not implying that a conscious decision has been made to issue the medal, whilst publicly appealing for support. I can’t I have no evidence. However, I am suggesting that the VC plays a role in society independent to awarding the gallant behaviour of Corporal Budd.


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