History Blogging

As the debate regarding the importance of history blogging gathers speed I thought I would list of few of the most recent posts:

Trench Fever
Great War Fiction
Investigations of a Dog
Break of Day in the Trenches

In addition to blogging about blogging (if you see what I mean) I approached a few papers and magazines with a suggestion for a print piece about history blogging. This is a reply I received from a fairly popular UK history magazine:

Thanks for this. Like everyone else, I am about to start writing one on
our website. But to be honest I don’t see a big community of historians
blogging in Britain (other than geneaologists). Until they do, and until
there is a story about things that have happened in the world of history
that wouldn’t have happened if no-one had been blogging, I’ll hang fire.


3 Responses to “History Blogging”

  1. Gavin Robinson Says:

    What about Mark Grimsley’s response to the “Sounding Taps” article last year? That had a big impact on the real world. Maybe that magazine won’t be interested because it’s not British enough, but another benefit of blogging is that it gets away from that kind of parochialism and encourages discussion which isn’t limited by distance or borders.

  2. breathinghistory Says:


    I thought the response summed up the kind of ‘institutionalised’ attitude that is prevalent. I had far more positive response form David Musgrove at the BBC History magazine.

    Do you have the link to the post you mentioned?

  3. The Perfect History Site « Victoria’s cross? Says:

    […] follows on from this post (amongst […]

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