The Perfect History Site

I am working on a couple of new posts that develop my ideas of how history can be best presented on the web.

This follows on from this post (amongst others).

Here are my random thought on a perfect history site:

Ability to create my own ‘section’ which contains my profile and ability to up load work,

Ability to link my section to others with similar interests,

Ability to search sections to find ‘interesting’ information and profiles,

Ability to find and contact other historians with a similar interest to my own,

Ability to search on a topic (military history) and find all relevant pages within the site etc,

List of history Jobs

Books, films and games – reviews and discounts when buying,

Lists of conferences I might like to attend,

Daily updates via email or RSS

Free articles on interesting subjects,


2 Responses to “The Perfect History Site”

  1. Jeremy Boggs Says:

    Sounds like you want a history social networking site, something that combines CiteULike, H-net, Ning, Backpack, Footnote,et al. Is this kinda the idea?

  2. breathinghistory Says:

    Yes – networking is the way forward. Creating communitites is essential.

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