Facebook Military History Network

OK – I have blogged about it and moaned to just about anyone who will listen. You know my mantra by now.

‘The internet has changed the world’

‘Its all about building communities and networks’

Well its time to try something a bit different.

I have set up a Facebook network called Military History.

Facebook is straight forward. You register an account and then join the network. This then brings everyone together in a large network. Facebook has all the facilities you would expect – forum, pictures, comments etc.

However, the point of the exercise is to see if we can try and build a community of dedicated online military historians.

So I need your support with this. Go and register, join the community and then blog it!


2 Responses to “Facebook Military History Network”

  1. Gavin Robinson Says:

    I’ve got a profile here but I haven’t managed to find the military history network! My profile’s mostly geared up towards my music activities rather than history as Facebook seems to be a better way of doing most of the things we used Myspace for (ie private communication and networking with friends of friends). I don’t know how useful it’ll be for history as the best thing historians can do on the web is discuss history out in the open, but I’ll give it a go.

  2. Bob Meade Says:

    I just signed up at Facebook, but likewise am having some difficulty finding your Military History network Gary.

    I can however find plenty of groups with some interest in the topic.

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