MA Military History

I am not sure just how Gavin Robinson does it but he has managed to find yet another excellent new military history blog.

Historic Battlefields has been set up by a student currently studying for an MA at the University of Birmingham’s Centre for First World War Studies.

Having been through the MA process myself, I can’t help wishing that I had known about blogging at the time. For two years my life became dominated by military history essays, books and lectures. Each day I was learning something new, it makes me cry to think about all those wasted blog posts!

In the UK the MA route is growing in popularity and we now have number of institutions providing excellent courses. However, I sometimes wonder what value, beyond general interest, these courses actually provide with there being so few military history based jobs.


5 Responses to “MA Military History”

  1. Ross Mahoney Says:

    Gary I agree that MA’s are becoming more popualr but this is in part due to the fact that too many FE students are getting into undergraduate studies. For this we have the government to blame. Therefore, more and more poeples are doing MA’s and MPhil’s in order to seperate themselves from the crowd.

    However, I must admit that Military History does not fully suffer from this syndrome as many of the MA students are returning to studies late in thier lives. One thing I would like to see happen is more MA’s being offered as evening courses or using Saturday school as the the Centres for First and Second World War Studies do at Birmingham Uni. This would open them up far more as most people wishing to do further HE studies are usually in full – time work and can not afford the time off from work. Hopefully universities will realise this and open up soon.

  2. Gary Smailes Says:

    My MA gave me three things. The first was confidence is my ability as a historian, the second was a set of research skills and the third was a legitimacy to my writing. However, my career is as a writer and the MA is a nice additional extra but my no means a necessary.
    Your comments about different ways of teaching are good. I think that Universities need to realise they are providing a service, and this service needs to fits the needs of the students as far as possible.

  3. Ross Mahoney Says:

    Gary – I think you hit the nail on the head. It is a service. It is horrible to say that but gone are the days when lecturers were there for their own benefit. Students, both undergrad and postgrad pay through the roof for their studies, therefore, deserve something in return.

  4. New Blog « Thoughts on Military History Says:

    […] of view it is great to see another Birmingham University student join us here on the blogosphere. Gary Smailes notes that when he was doing his MA he wishes blogging was around and I have to agree that it is a […]

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