Mass Grave

George Simmers writes the following about a mass grave at Fromelles.
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A mass grave�discovered

Battlefield archaeologists have discovered the grave of about 400 British and Australian soldiers at Fromelles. They were casualties in a battle planned to draw German attention away from the Somme.

Every so often, when studying this war, one comes up against a fact that can still shock. That the grave of so many could be lost and forgotten in the confusion of war is an astonishing reminder of the vastness of the� event.

The question now is – should they be exhumed and re-buried, or� left where they are? I would guess that the Australians, who played a major part in this operation, will be very keen on some kind of formal memorial, at the least.

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One Response to “Mass Grave”

  1. David Says:

    I would have thought that the War Graves Commission would automatically take responsibility for the remains even after all this time.

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