Falklands – 25 years on

World History Blog has been writing about the Falklands war. As a 30 something Brit this conflict has very particular memories for me. I can remember watching the TV as a school child. Each day glued to the news as the huge fleet edged across the Atlantic. The images from the war have become iconic in my mind.
As a military historian I have met a number of veterans from the conflict. An experience I always find fascinating, if it not slightly bizarre.
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In 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands claiming them as a part of Argentina. Despite the long standing pro-British population of the islands, and almost universal recognition of the Falklands as British territory by the international community, Argentina claimed the islands were illegally occupied by Britain. As such, they claimed to be coming as liberators. The locals in the Falklands were not overjoyed at their liberation.
The British fought back and retook the islands. About 650 Argentines and 255 British troops died in the war. The war also saw heavy naval causalities on both sides with some of the most extensive sinking of naval ships seen since World War Two. It showed old fashioned naval vessels were more highly vulenerable to missiles and air assaults than was already believed.
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  1. Ross Mahoney Says:

    There is a day school on the Falklands at the University of Birmingham on the 23rd June. Led by some of the top military historians and officers serving at the time. Should be interesting.


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