Papas Diary Project

Many times on this blog I have ranted on about my belief that the Internet will (has) transform the way in which historical information is viewed and exchanged. Since the introduction of free blogging services and relatively cheap hardware, DIY digitalization has become a real option.

Papa’s Diary Project is a great example of what can be done. Matt Unger is currently transcribing and blog posting a daily page from his grandfather, Harry Scherman’s 19 24 diary. At the time Harry Scheurman was twenty-nine years old. He had been in America for 11 years, but much of his family still lived in the central European, Jewish ghetto of his youth. He was a garment worker, union activist and Zionist fundraiser. He was also unmarried and terribly lonely.

The blog makes fascinating reading and, for me, represents one of the many facets of the Internet that I find so exciting.

Ben Brumfield at Collaborative Manuscript Transcription has also posted about Matt’s blog.

Other stuff worth a look

The Greek Fire and Ancient Chemical Warfare & The Pilos Helmet and the spartan Hoplites.

Campus Mawrtius
digitalized version of a 10th century manuscript of the Iliad.

Blog Them Out of the Stone Age
Mark Grimsley resurrecting the old discussion about Academics v Intellectuals.

The 48th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry
Lt. Curtis Pollock Describes the Battle of Fredericksburg


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