Military History in history courses

Mark Grimsely at Blog Them Out of the Stone Age has began a series of posts, responding to a challenge of ‘incorporating military history into general US history courses.’ As you would expect of anything posted by Mark, the opening thrust of the debate is stimulating and contains some great links to additional material.

To me it raises another question – ‘Why is military history not already included in general US history courses?’

In the UK military history has become an integral part of the GCSE teaching program. Students are taught in depth about both the first and second world wars, events such as the battle of Britain, Dunkirk, trench life and the battle of the Somme are all examined in detail. I am not sure how much of this is carried through to university level, though I suspect it is far more prominent in the UK than the US.

Other stuff worth a look

Sparta talks about The Spartan Hoplites’ Uniform.

Collaborative Manuscript Transcription has an interview with Mat Unger of Papa’s Diary.

A list of new medieval warfare articles at De Re Militari Website.

The Medieval Warfare Blog looks at computer games with a medieval topic.

War correspondent, Michael Yon, reports from Iraq about the first day of Arrowhead Ripper.



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