The Falklands War in perspective

Ross Mahoney has posted an excellent review/summary of the recent seminar at the Centre for First World War Studies in Birmingham. It was titled ‘The Falklands War in Perspective: 25 Years On.’

Here’s his opening paragraph:

‘Saturday 23rd June saw another day school at the Centre for First World War Studies, University of Birmingham. The theme for this year’s school centred on the Falklands War in respect of that conflicts 25th anniversary, which was commemorated this year. Being the first day school I have attended I was pleasantly surprised with a good turn out at the event even though Dr John Bourne, the Centre’s director, did note it was not as high as usual and that this was probably because the content was not about the First World War though after listening to Dr Bob Bushaway’s lecture you could have been forgiven for thinking that you were but more on that later.’

Other stuff worth a look

Roman Times talking about Brennus and the First Sack of Rome.

Mark Grimsley’s second installment of his discussion about military history in general history courses.

Cardinal Wolsey’s Today in History talking about how Cornish rebels meet a sticky end , 27th June, 1497.

imageNews for Medievalists reveals plans for Board game Carcassonne becoming a video game.





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